The Math House Workbook

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The Math House

About the Book

The Math House helps children learn how to add with regrouping by using the visual depiction of a house. Featuring real-life elements such as windows, a door, and an attic, numbers move and are expressed throughout the house. The strategies presented in the book builds on students’ prior knowledge and activates new knowledge by employing interactive learning, reasoning and engagement strategies.

About The Math House Book

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The Math House
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The Process

During my first year of teaching in 2005, I realized the students in my second grade class were not grasping the concept of addition with regrouping. They had difficulty determining with what column to start and where to place the number being carried. The strategy used in the teachers' manual was too abstract and hard for them to comprehend. So, I developed my own teaching strategy to help my students solve these problems easily. I called it "The Math House Approach."


Book Excerpt

Please read a few sample pages of my book.

Attorney Hugh Kyler Davis proudly displays The Math House Book. Please read an excerpt from the book. Enjoy!

The Author

Dr. Kylene Lebby Davis received a B.S in Biology from Claflin University.  She earned an M.Ed. (with a specialization in curriculum and instruction) from the University of Florida.  She graduated with both an Ed.S and an Ed.D. in educational administration from South Carolina State University.  In addition to serving on several district level curriculum committees, she has developed school wide benchmark assessments, co-authored district-level reports and has presented at several professional conferences throughout Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. She owns several education businesses.

About Dr. Kylene Lebby Davis, author of The Math House Book

Fennell Elementary Magnet School

Dr. Davis, CEO of Davis Educational Services Projects and Consulting Nonprofit Corporation and co-owner of The Pencil Box LLC donated over 400 reading books, along with children's face masks (because of the COVID-19 pandemic), pencils, bookmarks and an autographed copy of The Math House to Fennell Elementary Magnet School in Yemassee, South Carolina.  Mr. Willie F. Coker, principal and his teachers were appreciative of these items.

Dr. Davis donates over 300 reading books, along with children's face masks, pencils, bookmarks and an autographed copy of The Math House to Fennell Elementary School. Mr. Coker, principal and his teachers are appreciative..

The Good News Club

We donated books, face masks (because of the COVID-19 pandemic), pencils, bookmarks and an autographed copy of  The Math House  to Pastor James Breland of Everyday Mission Trip (EMT) Ministries after-school program, The Good News Club of Beaufort, South Carolina. 

Dr. Kylene Davis and Pastor James Breland

Easter Festival

Dr. Davis volunteered her time at the Easter Festival hosted by EMT and the Beaufort Housing Authority at Yemassee Heights Housing Projects in Beaufort, South Carolina.  Pictured is Dr. Davis and Mrs. Willie Mae Simmons of the Beaufort Housing Authority.

Pictured is Dr. Davis and Mrs. Willie Mae Simmons of the Beaufort Housing Authority.


"Your book and teaching method are wonderful!  Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching with the world." - Donna Auguste, PhD Auguste Research Group, LLC & Oceanside, California

"I am honored to have received a copy of The Math House.  The publication reflects ingenuity and creativity.  This book enhances teacher efficacy and instructional agility.  I am very impressed." - Mr. Willie F. Coker, Principal of Fennell Elementary Magnet School Hampton County, South Carolina

"Good book. Interesting concept." - Angel Ryan, Spain

Beaufort County School Board member Mr. William Smith liked and shared my book on his Facebook page.

Featured in Charleston South Carolina's Lowcountry Parent magazine as a must have!